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I am Rashmi – Working Mom of two Toddlers. Most days, you can find me in the kitchen cooking for my family & creating new recipes for my picky eaters. Feeding toddlers can be a challenge and often very stressful! Here I share simple recipes that are tested and approved by my kids.

I am a foodie and I love to try a variety of vegetarian cuisines. But I used to be a picky eater when I was a kid. My biggest inspiration for cooking is my mother who puts her heart & soul into making us delicious and yummy meals.

I have struggled to feed my picky eaters…

When we were ready to introduce solids to my daughter, I was excited and I tried to introduce her to all kinds of purees and recipes from my kitchen. She was a happy eater & I felt blessed! Soon she hit the milestone of turning one, her eating changed. She started rejecting most of the meals that used to be her favourites. I ran out of options and feeding her a spoon of food was very stressful. But never gave up on trying different recipes for her. And it worked! We figured she is picky with some food but she does like to try some recipes.

My son on the other hand started off rejecting everything when we introduced solids but slowly picked up a few likes.

Currently, both have their choices, likes and dislikes which I try to accommodate in my recipes. I like to offer encouragement and reassurance with some simple and easy kids food recipes, feeding your family can be manageable.

Normalizing struggles associated with kids food

I am aware that babies and toddlers have particular challenges when it comes to food. Learning to eat (keeping in mind choking hazards), I try my best to share the content that can be enjoyed by everyone at the family table.

Mealtimes can be drama-free! Trust me, I have tested this out with my kids and I see their intake is much higher when they follow their hunger cues – hence I do not support force-feeding.

I minimize any added sugars in my recipes, but I do not stress too much on them. While I prefer using natural fruits as a substitute, occasionally I do try recipes with a minimum quantity of sugar in them.

I believe in stocking my kitchen, pantry, refrigerator and freezers with organic and fresh foods and I hardly use any kinds of canned or packed foods (I love to create the flavours from scratch in my kitchen). My secret to managing time is by making them in bulk and storing it for a longer time. While I say so, I do let my kids enjoy store-bought crackers and savouries often. I certainly cannot bake crackers and cookies on daily basis.

I believe in family meals and our family eats breakfast and dinner together 99% of the time. That means I do not cook special meals for kids and try to spend more time emphasizing eating together. While some days are easier, some are loud and chaotic!

In normalizing the struggles, I hope to help families have healthier and happier meals coz I believe meals are much more than just nutrition!

Thanks for being here!

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