2-Ingredient Avocado Flatbread Recipe (chapati) Easy & Healthy for babies & toddlers

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The avocado flatbread recipe is simple, very delicious and extremely healthy for babies and toddlers. This simple oil-free recipe is prepared using just 2 main ingredients and made using whole wheat flour. Avocado has a rich creamy flavour with a buttery texture which makes it not need any extra oil to make this avocado flatbread … Read more

Easy Creamy Spinach Pasta Recipe

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An easy & healthy superfood you can give your picky eater – the creamy spinach pasta recipe is always my go-to recipe for my toddlers. Spinach Pasta for Baby Yes! This can be given to babies 8 months+ provided you have introduced the ingredients already. My super picky toddler loves this recipe. And I love … Read more