Easy Stage 3 Baby food ideas for 10 months+

Here are some Stage 3 Baby food ideas for 10 months+ that are simple, easy and homemade. This involves the combination of purees with a few soft chunks encouraging babies for BLW finger foods. If you are wondering about a variety of food ideas for 10 months+ here is a list that can come handy.

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What can I feed my baby stage 3?

Stage 3 Baby food ideas for 10 months+; baby food ideas for 10 months+; what to give 10 months+; food ideas for 10 months+

Congratulations!! Only after becoming a parent I understood the challenges that come with feeding solids to babies. If you are looking at stage 3 baby food ideas, that means you have rocked the single and combination of purees and your baby is now ready for the next level of solids while you get ready for the next adventure.

What is stage 3 baby food? – Simply put it is the next level of puree with some small soft and chewable chunks which can be gnawed with or without teeth. And by introducing different texture you are just preparing baby for finger foods, chewing and swallowing. It is a whole new experience for babies to learn and explore the eating of different food textures without choking or gagging. You can totally make the stage 3 baby food more fun by introducing chunky purees combined with finger foods.

I love to make baby food at home just because I know what goes in, and it is pretty simple with all the gadgets available now. Check out why I love Nutribullet to make my baby food.

Difference between Stage 2 and Stage 3 Baby food

The only difference between Stage 2 and Stage 3 baby food is the texture of the food. Stage 2 Baby food is mushy soft and easy to swallow and is still in the introduction of flavors and combination of flavors. While Stage 3 baby food includes some chunks and pieces of soft food that can easily be gnawed with or without teeth and encouraging transition from puree to chewing. This can also include some soft finger foods helping baby to self feed and explore food.

Stage 3 Baby food ideas for 10 months+; baby food ideas for 10 months+; what to give 10 months+; food ideas for 10 months+

What you need to make Stage 3 Baby food recipes?

Baby food can be easily made at home with just a Blender, steamer and an instant pot. Here are my favorite gadgets that help me make baby food at home and store it for longer. Stage 3 Baby Food ideas for 10 months+ is the best way to encourage self feeding.

What should be the diet of a 10-month-old baby?

Typically a 10 month old baby eats baby puree with a few chunks in them graduating from silky soft purees. Check out the three phases of solid introduction for babies. Soft chewable chunks that can be gnawed with or without teeth helps babies learn chewing and swallowing without gagging or choking. A 10 month old can eat soft pasta, cooked rice and lentils, steamed vegetables, cooked meat and fruits.

I introduced a few finger foods as well when my babies turned 9 months. You can make meal time fun and exploratory when you give them finger foods or let them try spoon and fork.

When should babies stop eating purees?

Weaning them breastmilk or formula milk which is what babies are exclusively fed until they turn 6 months and introducing solids is a big step. It is recommended to do it in phases by introducing texture, taste, nutrition, and teaching them to chew, swallow and also self feed themselves. CDC specifies the dos and dont’s to follow while introducing solids to babies.

10 months marks a perfect time to slowly transition from purees to mashed chunks or small pieces of food to normal food teaching them to chew and eat. Stage 3 marks a milestone encouraging finger foods and self feeding. But it is also important to know the Stage 3 food ideas for 10 months+. Here are a few you can pick from.

Stage 3 Baby food ideas for 10 months+; baby food ideas for 10 months+; what to give 10 months+; food ideas for 10 months+

What meals can I make for my 10-month-old baby?

You can absolutely turn the stage 1 or stage 2 purees to stage 3 by adding a few cooked chunks or pieces of food. Or just cook your favorite meal and pulse it for a few seconds in the blender so there are a few small pieces of food in them. Here are a few favorite recipes that my babies enjoyed:

1. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
Perfect Stage 3 food with flavors and texture that your baby can enjoy.
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2. Banana Oatmeal

Healthy Banana Oatmeal
A naturally sweetened perfectly textured oatmeal loved by babies.
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3. Rice Porridge Stage 3

Rice Porridge for Babies
Wholesome food that makes a perfect Stage 3 meal for babies and is super easy to prepare wth just a couple of ingredients.
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4. Ragi Porridge for Infants

Sprouted Ragi Porridge for Infants
Highly nutritious with selected sprouted wonder grains this makes a perfect porridge for babies to enjoy. You can add any kinds of fruits or vegetables to this porridge to introduce it to your baby.
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5. Soft & Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Soft & Fluffy Scrambled Eggs for Babies
Soft and fluffy, this scrambled egg makes perfect Stage 3 Baby food ideas for 10 months+. And also a great finger food idea to encourage BLW.
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6. Spinach Soup for Babies

Easy Spinach Soup for Babies
A perfectly made soup with loaded nutrients, this makes a wholesome recipe for babies and toddlers.
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7. BLW Pancakes for Babies

BLW Banana Pancakes
Easy & quick 3 Ingredient Pancakes make the best Stage 3 baby food ideas for 10 months+ and melt in the mouth (can easily be gnawed even without teeth).
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8. 2-Ingredient Avocado Flatbread

2-Ingredient Avocado Flatbread Recipe
Super soft melt in the mouth flatbread is easy to make with just 2 ingredients and is a healthy meal idea for babies.
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9. Banana Bread Recipe

Healthy & Easy Banana Bread Recipe
With no added sugar, dairy, or nuts, this healthy banana bread makes a great finger food for babies.
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10. 2-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

2 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies
With no added sugar or flour or egg, this easy peanut butter cookies melt in the mouth and make a perfect finger food for babies 10 months+.
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11. Creamy Spinach Pasta for Babies

Easy Creamy Spinach Pasta
A perfect Stage 3 Baby food idea for 10 months+, this spinach pasta is healthy and iron-rich for babies.
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12. Broccoli Pasta for Kids

Kids Broccoli Pasta Recipe
A simple 15 minutes kid's broccoli pasta recipe makes a good finger food for babies. Soft, melt in the mouth makes a perfect stage 3 baby food idea for babies.
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